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We are a premier distributor of surface finishing solutions.  We provide the highest quality products, services, and finishing expertise.  Our commitment is to assist you in determining the best solution for your product finishing and surface enhancement requirements.

We carry an extensive inventory of abrasives for media blasting, commonly referred to as “sand blasting” (blasting with silica sand is never recommended and can be hazardous to operator’s health and safety). 

Abrasive Products also carries a full line of coated abrasives (“sand paper”), along with tumbling media, and compounds for vibratory and mass finishing processes.

Take advantage of our in-house process development lab and our experienced sales staff in finding the best processes for your finishing challenges.


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About Abrasive Products

We are a premier distributor of surface enhancement solutions.  We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices, using the most efficient methods of delivery.

We utilize our own lab facility, in addition to those maintained by our vendors, to analyze processes and provide the best solutions for your needs.  We provide continued support throughout the relationship in order to ensure you have the most efficient process available.  We also provide in-house and on-site demonstrations of processes.

The companies we represent offer the best equipment and supplies available in the surface finishing and parts washing industries.  Our experience in the field makes us uniquely qualified to help you solve your production problems.

  • Market Leader

    Abrasive Products provides the highest quality products, efficient channels of distribution and competitive pricing.  We are a premier supplier of surface enhancement technology to our customers.

  • Committed To Satisfaction

    We are committed to you… our customer!  No matter the size of your operation, we have the experience necessary to find solutions that will work best for you.

    We are committed to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and offering our shareholders a consistent and acceptable return on their investment.

  • Our Mission

    Abrasive Products’ mission is to partner with our customers in developing the appropriate solution to your finishing and surface enhancement processes.  Together we will make a positive impact on product quality, consistency, and throughput, increasing your productivity and profitability.


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