• Abrasives - Aluminum Shot


Aluminum shot is a lighter weight blast media.  Primarily aluminum shot is used for coating removal or paint removal.  Aluminum shot is a good consideration if the work piece cannot tolerate etching or ferrous contamination.  It is irregularly shaped but the particles are mostly round or rounded.  Due to the varied and random shape of the particles, aluminum shot is only offered in two size categories, medium and large.

Aluminum Shot Applications:

  • Paint or Coating stripping, particularly in aerospace
  • Contaminant removal
  • Cleaning delicate parts
  • Deflashing

Aluminum Shot Characteristics:

  • Approximate bulk density of 75 pounds per cubic foot
  • Size ranges – Aluminum shot is sized in ranges due to the random nature of the shape and sizing.
    • Medium – roughly .035” but varies
    • Large – roughly .054” but varies


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