Blast cabinets are the workhorse of the abrasive blasting world.  They are an economical piece of equipment that can be used for many different shapes and sizes of work.  Blast cabinets utilize a broad variety of abrasives for various applications.  Abrasive Products offers several different makes and models of blast cabinets.  A few of the manufacturers we represent include: Clemco / Zero, Empire Abrasive Equipment Company and Trinco.

Blast Cabinets are typically separated by two basic categories: Pressure or Suction.

Pressure Blast Systems

Pressure blast systems utilize a pressurized vessel to contain the abrasive.  In a pressure blast system the abrasive is metered into the compressed air stream at the blast pot and travels through the blast nozzle under pressure.

Suction Blast Systems

Suction blast systems utilize the venturi principle to deliver the abrasive media to the blast gun with a siphon action, or suction.   The media is pulled into the air stream and then propelled against your work piece.  A suction system will utilize two hoses, one for air, typically fed into the back of the gun and one for media, typically plumbed into the butt of the blast gun.

Blast Cabinet Selection Considerations

Other considerations that factor in selecting a blast cabinet:

  • Size – How big are the parts you plan to blast in the cabinet?  The cabinet needs to be large enough to provide room to maneuver your part inside the cabinet while blasting.  The weight of the work piece also must be considered.
  • Abrasive – The type and size of abrasive you plan to use will affect options we recommend.  Bulk density of the media is a key consideration in selecting a blast cabinet system.
  • Reclamation system – the reclamation system will separate the dust and debris from the blast media that is to be recycled back into the blast system.
  • Dust Collection system – Dust collection goes hand and hand with the reclamation system.  The dust collector pulls debris and broken media out of the blast system.  If the dust collector and reclaim system are not set up properly it will lead to a dusty work environment inside the cabinet, creating poor visibility and poor production.  A dusty working mix, or dusty operating mix, of media will not properly flow through the blast system.  On the other extreme, if you are pulling too much air through the system you could pull good abrasive into the dust collector which will increase media usage and your operating costs.
  • Options – material handling equipment such as turntables, and tumble baskets can add to the productivity of your system.  Rubber curtains and lined reclaimers are just two options that can extend the life of your blast cabinet.


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