Blast Rooms

Blast rooms are large blasting systems for handling work pieces too large or complex for the biggest blast cabinet.  An operator, outfitted in appropriate PPE, is inside the blast room maneuvering around and blasting the work piece.

The components of a blast room are:

  • Blast Room Enclosure
  • Blast Pot
  • Abrasive Reclamation and Media Classifying System
  • Abrasive Recovery Floor
  • Dust Collector
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Operator Systems / PPE

Typically blast rooms are used to blast large metal fabrications (weldments, frames, chassis…), vehicles, aircraft, rail cars, construction equipment or anything too large or complex to blast in a hand cabinet.

Blasting & Recovery Systems

These systems consist of a blast pot and typically a pneumatic abrasive recovery to convey spent abrasive to a reclaim unit.  The reclaim unit, sometimes referred to as a cyclone separator, allows the good media to accumulate in a hopper to be used again and sends the dust and debris into the dust collector.  Examples of these units offered by Abrasive Products include the Empire PRS, the Clemco Abrasive Recovery System, the IBRS & BRS by Schmidt.

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