Reduce costs and improve the productivity, consistency and quality of your blasting operation with automation.

Numerous blasting applications lend themselves to full or semi-automation. Automated Blasting options range from pre-engineered, standard blast automation to fully customized equipment.

We are experts in the field of blasting automation and robotic blasting.  Abrasive Products represents the finest equipment manufacturers in the world to help design your system. Contact us to get started.

Abrasive Products will work with you to design a fully customized system should your work not lend itself to a standard solution.  These custom blasting systems are specifically engineered for your work environment, budget, and process demands. Automation solutions are available for suction or pressure, air blasting, wet blasting, micro blasting and wheel blasting.

Blasting Automation Systems

  • Tumble Barrels and Baskets Blasters
  • Cell Machines
  • Indexing Turntables
  • Rotary Head Machines
  • Continuous Turntables
  • In-line Belt Conveyors
  • Batch Processing Machines
  • Modified Cabinets
  • Robotic Systems

Robotic Blasting

Robotic blasting has become a more viable option for customers.  Robotic blast systems, when initially brought to the market, were expensive and difficult to program.   Programming is far more intuitive in today’s industrial realm.  Making program changes in the field is not the difficult and costly chore it once was.  There are far more options now with robots capable of integration with a blast system.   This has provided the end user with a robot sized correctly for their project, not only for their work piece, but also their budget.


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