Vibratory Bowls

Abrasive Products features a complete line of circular vibratory bowls.  These are a very versatile style of mass finishing machine.  They are designed to achieve optimum results in terms of surface finishing & productivity.  Bowls are used for a variety processes including deburring, fine finishing, smoothing, polishing, burnishing and edge break or radiusing.  You can utilize a vibratory bowl as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with other bowls, or driers in an automated system.

We are happy to assist you with the developing a process that best fits your finishing requirements.  Contact us today to utilize our in house processing lab to fine tune your process variables.

Types of Vibratory Bowls

  • Standard -most common and economical type of bowl.  These machines are ideal for most deburring or radiusing processes.  They can range in size from approximately 3 cubic feet up to 42 cubic feet and beyond.  Some of these may have a spiral bottom which provides for a gentle rise for the mass to travel for unloading once the process is completed.
  • Ball Burnishing Bowls – Ball burnishing systems are usually robust, heavy duty systems intended to turn steel media to achieve burnished finishes.  These systems can also be utilized for aggressive deburring or radiusing. 
  • Batch, or Flat Bottom Bowls – These systems are suited for larger parts that may not unload as well in a standard system.  If there is a concern for parts bumping into each other, or impinging, during processing a optional carousel partition can be used to isolate each work piece.