Cast Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Grit

Stainless steel shot and stainless steel grit are two media types that have become more popular.  These products perform similarly to steel shot and steel grit, however, are made of stainless steel.  They contain a higher concentration of nickel and chromium.  They are good medias to consider when ferrous contamination of the work piece cannot be tolerated.  Both of these products are cast products and are occasionally referred to as Cast Stainless Steel Shot and Cast Stainless Steel Grit.

Stainless Steel shot is a spherical in shape.  Stainless Steel grit is random and angular.  Steel shot will provide a smoother surface than steel grit.  Steel grit, given its’ shape, will etch, or erode the surface.  Although stainless shot is spherical it is not recognized in shot peening specifications as an accepted media for shot peening.

Both stainless steel grit and stainless steel shot come in a variety of hardness and sizes.  The bulk density of either are very high and must be taken into consideration in relation to their use in equipment.  Appropriate equipment must be selected to convey either of these products.

Abrasive Products can help you determine if stainless steel shot or stainless steel grit abrasive may be the best solution to your blasting application.  We are happy to develop a process for you in our in-house process development lab. Contact us today.

Stainless Steel Shot Characteristics

  • Round shape
  • Hardness approximately 30 Rc
  • Sizes
    • S10  (approximately .008”)
    • S20  (approximately .012”)
    • S30  (approximately .017”)
    • S40  (approximately .023”)
    • S50  (approximately .032”)
    • S60  (approximately .035”)
    • S100 (approximately .041”)
    • S150 (approximately .047”)
    • S200 (approximately .056”)
    • S300 (approximately .062”)
  • Approximately 295 pounds per cubic foot

Stainless Grit Characteristics

  • Angular, random in shape
  • Hardness
    • GM  approximately 56 Rc
    • GH  approximately 60 Rc
  • Sizes
    • G10  (approximately .008”)
    • G20  (approximately .012”)
    • G30  (approximately .017”)
    • G40  (approximately .023”)
    • G50  (approximately .032”)
    • G60  (approximately .035”)
    • G100 (approximately .041”)
    • G150 (approximately .047”)
    • G200 (approximately .056”)
    • G300 (approximately .062”)
  • Approximately 300 pounds per cubic foot