Ceramic Shot & Ceramic Grit

Ceramic shot and grit are excellent abrasive blast medias for blasting applications which require a clean finish for air blast, wheel blast or wet blasting.  Abrasive Products represents St. Gobain and their ceramic bead and grit products, Zirblast, Zirshot and Zirgrit.  Ceramic shot is spherical in shape.  Ceramic grit is angular.  Ceramic shot is typically used for cleaning applications and often shot peening processes.  Ceramic grit would be used in applications in which etching the workpiece surface or removing a tough contaminant is the ultimate goal.

These products are often referred to as zirconia beads or zircon beads or zirconia or zircon grit due to their high percentage of zirconia.  Unlike glass bead, ceramic bead is very resilient, tough, and is highly elastic.  Ceramic bead tends not to fracture nearly as quickly as glass bead.  These products have virtually zero iron content so they are good products to consider where ferrous contamination is of concern for your workpiece.

Ceramic Shot Applications

  • Mold cleaning
  • Micro Surface profiling of workpiece
  • Contaminant removal
  • Shot peening
  • Blasting of titanium or stainless steel

Ceramic Shot Characteristics

  • Spherical in shape
  • Hardness:  approximately 50 to 65 Rc
  • Zirblast size ranges:
    • B20 approximately .023” to .33”
    • B30 approximately .017” to .023”
    • B40 approximately .010” to .017”
    • B60 approximately .005” to .010”
    • B120 approximately .003” to .005”
    • B125 approximately .000 to .005”
  • Zirshot size ranges:
    • Z850 approximately .033” to .046”
    • Z600 approximately .023” to .033”
    • Z425 approximately .017” to .023”
    • Z300 approximately .0125” to .017”
    • Z210 approximately .008” to .012”
  • Approximate bulk density of 150 pounds per cubic foot

Ceramic Grit Applications

  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Micro Surface profiling of workpiece
  • Contaminant removal
  • Precision deburring
  • Blasting of titanium or stainless steel

Ceramic Grit Characteristics

  • Angular, random in shape
  • Hardness:  approximately 60 Rc
  • Zirgrit size ranges available from 16 mesh to 220 mesh
  • Approximate bulk density of 145 pounds per cubic foot


Abrasive Products can assist you with your process and determine if a ceramic bead or ceramic grit is a good media for your blasting and cleaning application.  Contact us today.