Mass finishing processes are almost always wet processes.

Mass Finishing Driers are often necessary to insure parts do not rust or to eliminate water spots.

Cob Driers

The most common driers used in mass finishing or vibratory tumbling processes are cob driers. These units are essentially a vibratory finishing bowl with a heating element located in the base of the machine, separate from the vibrating bowl.  The heating element heats the bowl, which is filled with ground corn cob media.  This cob has been crushed and screened to specific mesh sizes.  The heated cob drier provides a great means to dry and to some level, slightly brighten or polish the work piece.

Belt or Tunnel Driers

Other variations of driers are belt, or tunnel driers.  In a belt or tunnel drier, parts are placed on a belt and are conveyed through a tunnel typically blowing heated air across the parts as they move along.  These types of driers are also available in an auger style where parts tumble via a feed auger through a heated tunnel.

Abrasive Products can get you additional specs and info on mass finishing driers.  Let us help determine which may work best for your finished parts.