Dust Collection Equipment

Assuring air quality in an industrial manufacturing environment can be a significant challenge.  Abrasive Products offers a wide range of dust collection equipment either to replace old or obsolete collectors.  We also provide collectors for wheel or air blast equipment and as stand-alone systems to service a new dust source.  We handle down draft tables, dust booths, fume arms, and systems to support paint booths.

When you improve your plant air quality, operator safety and productivity follows.  Abrasive Products specializes in systems designed for abrasive blasting or grinding dust.

Dust Collection Equipment Products include:

  • Cartridge Dust Collection Systems
  • Bag Collectors
  • HEPA Filters
  • Down Draft Tables
  • Source Capture Hoods
  • Grinding Benches and Booths
  • Replacement Bags and Cartridges for a wide range of brands
  • Fume Arms
  • Goyen Valves
  • Paint Booths


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