Occasionally blasting is required for a small, precise area, or a delicate work piece.  This can be accomplished with micro blasting equipment or pencil blast equipment. Micro Blasting differs from conventional air blasting in that the abrasives are much finer and blasting parameters are precisely controlled.

Micro Blasting Applications

  • Circuit board, semi-conductor and other electronics cleaning, cutting or texturing
  • Quartz and glass marking and cutting
  • Dental crown or other small investment cast cleaning
  • Stints and other medical devices
  • Precise ID deburring of machined parts
  • Jewelry
  • Fossil and stone cleaning

Micro Blasting Equipment

  • Single or multiple powder chamber systems to work with one, or several different abrasives
  • Work Enclosures
  • Pressure Intensifiers
  • Dust Collection
  • Automated Systems


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