Shot Peening

Shot peening is the process of imparting a compressive stress on the surface of workpiece by means of a spherical shot blast media.  The end result is the reduction of crack initiation on the surface of a part.  Parts that typically are shot peened range from automotive springs to aerospace components.  There are numerous specifications regarding shot peening.  Most shot peening process variables are pre-determined by these specifications.  Shot peening is a blasting process using a spherical blast media.  This blast media is almost always called out in these specifications.

Measuring the results of shot peening is done by using Almen strips.  Placing the Almen strip in an Almen block and exposing it to the same parameters as your peening process, imparts compressive stress on one side of the Almen strip.  This causes the Almen strip to bow and creates what is referred to as arc height.  This arc height of the shot peened strip is measured using an Almen gauge.

Controlling the variables and providing consistency is critical in shot peening.  Measuring coverage to the point of saturation is also necessary for shot peening process.

Air blasting, wheel blasting, and wet blasting are all used in shot peening process.  These processes are almost always automated in shot peening applications in order to yield consistency from cycle to cycle.

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