Wheel Blast – Spinner Hangers

Spinner hanger systems are well suited for parts that may not be tumbled or require no part on part impingement.   The spinner hanger is an excellent choice for blasting parts that are fragile or awkward.  Spinner Hangers are frequently used by aluminum die casters for deflashing.  In a spinner hanger parts are loaded on hanging fixture and rotate in front of the blast wheels for complete coverage.

Spinner Hanger Systems include:

Indexing Chamber

This style utilizes a cabinet that has a number of chambers.  There are two or four chambers which index between the front of the machine.  Parts are loaded and unloaded in the front, while the other chamber is indexed to the rear, exposed to the blast wheels. Efficiency is improved as parts are being loaded and unloaded while the rear chamber is blasting.

Door Mounted

This is the most basic design within the spinner hanger series. The spinning fixture is mounted on the door of the machine. Parts are loaded and unloaded while the door is open. Once the parts have been loaded the door is simply closed for processing. A double door option is available on most models. With this option productivity is increased as parts are loaded and unloaded on the second door during the blast cycle of the parts on the first door.

Monorail or Track

In this configuration the spinner fixture is mounted on a monorail or track. The fixture is rolled out of the cabinet for loading and unloading and rolled back in for blasting. A “Y” track option is available on some models allowing for two fixtures to be utilized in processing. Productivity is increased in a “Y” track as loading and unloading takes place on the second fixture while the first fixture is in the blast cabinet.


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