Vibratory Tubs

Abrasive Products features a complete line of mass finishing or vibratory tubs.  Tubs are a great consideration, if your parts are larger or may not travel well through a bowl configuration.  Occasionally a single tub can be used to process a single part per cycle.  Multiple parts can be processed per cycle, in the same tub, if part on part impingement is not of concern.  If impingement is a concern, the tubs offered by Abrasive Products can be purchased with baffles to isolate parts in the tub while in cycle.

Tubs are available in a broad range of sizes.  There are small, bench top tubs up to tubs sized to process an aircraft wing spar.  Budgets for these systems can run a range similar to the size.  We offer entry level, small systems for those with a limited budget all the way up to with tubs that meet the most stringent processing parameters.  Abrasive Products can provide you with a quote for a Burr Bench or a detailed proposal for a large Walther Trowal Tub unit.

Abrasive Products can assist you with the developing a process that best fits your finishing requirements.  Contact us today to utilize our in-house processing lab to fine tune your process variables.