Tumble Barrels are the most basic form of mass finishing equipment.  Rotary barrels, or tumble barrels rotate and turn the mass of media, parts, compound and water.  Some rotary barrels are enclosed utilizing a loading and unloading hatch or lid while others can be open, similar to a cement mixer.  Tumble barrels may have flat sides in order assist in tumbling the mass.  Tumble barrels and rotary barrels are typically inefficient machines for mass finishing.  They do not create significant action in the mass to accelerate the finishing process.  Most of the work being done on the parts occur only while they are sliding down the face of the mass as they tumble.  Cylce times for processes using rotary barrels or tumble barrels are usually quite long.  Rotary barrel and tumble barrel finishing are the pioneering predecessors to vibratory finishing and high energy finishing.  

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