Mass finishing media has a broader range than any other media type Abrasive Products offers.  These media types can be ceramic, plastic, metallic, and even organic.  Various terminology is also used for these products including vibratory media, burnishing media, tumbling media, and the previously mentioned mass finishing media.   

The two most common types of mass finishing medias are ceramic and plastic.  Processes can vary from heavy grinding and deburring, to fine finishing or polishing.  A high cut, aggressive ceramic media would typically be used for heavy deburring.  Dense, no cut porcelain media would be used for applications requiring a high polish.

Plastic media is typically used for lighter finishing applications and is a favorite among aluminum die casters for deflashing.

Metallic tumbling media is primarily used in burnishing applications to brighten the workpiece.

Organic, or agricultural media, is typically used as a drying agent in vibratory processes.  Agricultural media can also be used for polishing applications.

There is a huge array of different shapes, sizes and compositions of these medias.  It is difficult to make a specific media recommendation in this group without running process samples.

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