Wet Blasting Equipment

Wet blast systems blast a work surface by combining water and media, resulting in a slurry of abrasive.  This slurry blast provides a buffer and cushion for the media to produce a unique finish.  Abrasive Products represents Wet Technologies and their line of wet blasting equipment.  Advantages to a wet blast system are as follows:

  • Eliminates Dust
  • Can degrease and blast clean in single step
  • Can produce a wide variety of finishes including delicate or extremely fine finishes
  • Eliminates media impingement
  • Reduces or eliminates warping
  • Produces a very deeply cleaned surface without chemicals
  • Laminar flow of abrasive slurry can hone and deburr surfaces

Abrasive Products can provide assistance in determining if wet blasting or slurry blasting may be a good choice for your finishing needs.

Wet Technologies’ systems are available in manual or automated blasting cabinets.  Their standard systems feature closed loop water filtration and media by-pass water rinsing.  Additional options include:

  • Oil and grease separation
  • Moving bed filter water separation
  • Hydro Cyclone for quick media change out
  • Heated water systems
  • Material handling systems

We also offer systems such as the CLEMCO Wet Flex system which can be used as a stand alone, portable unit outside of a cabinet system.  These systems can be operated wet or dry and offer a unique way to blast while reducing the amount of dust generated by open dry blasting.

Contact Abrasive Products for more information regarding Wet Blasting.