White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide is a loose grain, angular abrasive typically used in specialty processes.  White Aluminum Oxide is of high purity with virtually no iron content.  This may be a requirement for blasting, where surface contamination is of the utmost concern. Blasting orthopedic implant parts, aerospace components or exotic alloys that cannot tolerate ferrous contamination are situations in which white aluminum oxide may be the preferred abrasive.  White Aluminum Oxide is more expensive than brown fused aluminum oxide.  It is also more friable than brown aluminum oxide.

Abrasive Products has an abrasive recycling for many of the products we offer.  White Aluminum Oxide is one abrasive that can be recycled.  The spent media must meet certain criteria for a recycling program.  Sufficient volume of product recycled is required and the media must be free of hazardous materials.

White Aluminum Oxide Typical Uses

  • Anchor Pattern creation for pre-coating or pre-bonding
  • Grinding or lapping
  • Refractory coating for investment cast shells

White Aluminum Oxide Characteristics

  • Angular, Sharp
  • Very Hard, approximately 9.0 Mohs
  • Bulk Density of approximately 110 pounds per cubic foot
  • Practically zero iron content
  • Aggressive

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